gearhead69 (gearhead69) wrote in artworks,

Rolling Ball Sculpture, wall-hanging, title: Tick Tock

I made this piece for a trade show display company in Canada that needed it for part of a display for one of their clients. They wanted a hand-loaded piece that was narrow, tall, and only six inches deep! It also needed four "arms" that stuck out, two per side, no more than about 18 inches. I had to have it done in only three weeks using every minute of my spare time (plus some vacation time I got off work). I was pleased with the outcome, and so was the client! This is made entirely out of TIG welded stainless steel. It's about three feet tall. The marbles used are 1-inch glass. All the wire is formed by hand using basic hand tools and the occasional piece of pipe to bend things around.

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